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Foodstuffs (non-animal)

Osh city, Aravan district and Jalal-Abad oblast
July, 2010

In June 2010, the Central Asian state of Kyrgyzstan experienced ethnic violence and rapid displacement in the southern districts bordering Uzbekistan following the ousting of the country's president in April. This EMMA assessment focused on early recovery needs for four selected critical markets, including wheat flour, and the impact of humanitarian aid to date on the local market. Following the June crisis, the wheat flour market has suffered several broken linkages, price spikes, and shortages of stock that are concerning for the near future. This report recommends the following humanitarian responses: (1) cash distributions to the most affected farmers; (2) development of a public information system for crops and markets; (3) vouchers for bakers, retailers and/or vulnerable households; (4) cash for work for farmers to clear irrigation and other farm systems, and crews to clean up markets and businesses; and (5) advocacy for the Kyrgyz government to purchase a certain volume of wheat from farmers.

Report authors: 
Benjamin Barrows, Eugenia Gusev
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