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Introducing the Labor Market Analysis Guide

After recognizing the need for better direction and resources for labor market assessment (LMA) in humanitarian crisis, the International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corps and Save the Children have worked together to produce a new practitioner's guide on the topic.

The guidance document is intended for use by:

  • Experienced market analysts who have not undertaken labor analysis before
  • Practitioners with market assessment experience but with limited experience of LMAs
  • Program staff familiar with the humanitarian context but not LMA
  • Long-term livelihoods/development practitioners’ familiar with LMAs but with limited humanitarian experience

Although quite a few EMMAs have been conducted on labor market systems, EMMA is not the most effective tool for gathering the complex range of information needed to design a fully-fledged livelihoods program. Using learning and experiences from labor market analyses specifically in the Syria crisis response, the guide aims to provide guidance on how to tailor existing resources to more accurately assess livelihoods and labor market opportunities in complex humanitarian situations. 

You can access the new LMA guidance document here

Introducing the Labor Market Analysis Guide

Report from the Markets in Crises Markets & WASH Learning Event

A collaborative initiative from ACF, the IRC and Oxfam, the Markets and WaSH Learning Event was the Markets in Crises Community of Practice's third in-person learning event and the first to focus on the WaSH sector. Held just before the Global WaSH Cluster’s (GWC) annual meeting, the event was well attended, with 45 participants representing local and international NGOs, the private sector, donors and UN agencies.

The objective of this event was for the WaSH sector to take stock of its progress to date in the adoption of market-based approaches and to identify opportunities to expand such initiatives. Presentations on the range of tools and approaches available were followed by discussions on guidance needs, M&E and what’s needed to move the markets agenda forward in the WaSH sector.  Following the event, the GWC voted to form a Technical Working Group (TWiG) to advance the further integration of market-based programming into the WASH sector.

Read the report from the Markets and WaSH Learning Event here, and access presentations from the event here.  


Report from the Markets in Crises Markets & WASH Learning Event