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WaSH and Shelter Market Systems in the case of IDP evictions, Mogadishu
January, 2016

In March 2015, an estimated 3,500 households (21,000 individuals) were forcibly evicted from Dharkenley District, affecting their access to employment opportunities, shelter and WaSH services and creating challenges in terms of security. This PCMMA was intended to build capacity of national staff in market assessments and to assess the potential to deliver key WaSH and Shelter assistance through local markets following mid-size IDP evictions. Along with several recommendations for indirect support through markets, this report recommends the local procurement and in-kind distribution of aqua tabs; unconditional, restricted value vouchers to IDPs to purchase any of a variety of specified WaSH and shelter items; and the continued local procurement and delivery of CGI doors, ideally in partnership with a range of small businesses and vocational training programs in order to spread the economic benefit of this assistance more widely.

Report authors: 
Mohamed Yussuf, Emily Sloane
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