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The Crisis is Now: A Pre-Crisis Market Analysis of Credit, Mattresses and Drinking Water in the Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip
September, 2018

Markets continue to play a major role in the lives and livelihoods of the population of Gaza - before, during and after times of acute crisis and conflict. As the situation within the Gaza Strip continues to deteriorate into 2018, there are concerns that the current border clashes as part of the ‘March of Return’ could lead to an escalation of armed conflict with Israel. As part of its ongoing humanitarian
response and preparedness work in Gaza, Oxfam undertook a Pre-Crisis Market Analysis (PCMA) for drinking water, credit and mattress markets to better understand how households currently access these critical goods and services and how they might be affected by a future shock. The findings reveal market systems in crisis now ; overburdened with unpaid debts, threatened by cuts to humanitarian aid and ultimately still barely surviving under the weight of the Israeli occupation including the blockade.

Report authors: 
Corrie Sissons and Lisa Biblo
Download Report (1.11 MB pdf)