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EMMA of the Corrugated Galvanised Iron Sheeting Market

Eastern Samar
January, 2014

Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Yolanda) damaged 61,741 houses were damaged in the Philippines' Eastern Samar province alone when it struck in November 2013. This power point presentation provides an overview of an EMMA exercise that was conducted to examine whether the local market could meet the need for corrugated galvanized iron (CGI) sheets for roofing for the affected population in Eastern Samar after the crisis. The target group of this assessment were households living in coastal areas of Samar province.

This assessment found that, immediately after the typhoon, people with money or savings bought CGI locally to repair their houses. Because demand was initially high, prices went up. In addition, suppliers stopped
offering credit to consumers. 3-4 weeks after the typhoon, despite the huge level of need, demand tailed off due to the remaining population's lack of purchasing power. In response, suppliers were carrying less CGI. The study noted three main constraints to the post-typhoon CGI market system. Namely, the reduced capacity of the Tacloban port combined with the unannounced arrival of relief goods have created a disincentive
for the resumption of commercial activity via Tacloban port. Further, the transport system for the delivery of hardware material within Eastern Samar has been disrupted, partly because NGOs have created a temporary shortage of trucks and driven up prices. And finally, the affected population have lower purchasing power after the crisis.

This assessment suggests increasing the purchasing power of households through a combination of commodity vouchers and cash grants, rapidly conducting further research into the impact of the typhoon and the subsequent humanitarian response to date on the transportation market, and advocating with government and international relief organizations to facilitate the recovery of normal commercial activities along key shipping routes.

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Nupur Kukrety
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