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Before the storm: Pre-crisis analysis of the rice and coconut lumber market systems

Uswag Pa Leyteño Program, Leyte, Philippines
March, 2019

This report captures the combined input and analysis of the PRC PCMA training and assessment, and is complemented by a lighter activity report reflecting on the overall process. The overall objectives are:
• To identify appropriate, market-aware responses to help vulnerable communities in UPL target areas in Leyte meet emergency and recovery needs, with an emphasis on market support activities.
• To identify appropriate market strengthening and community preparedness response options to help reduce the impact of future shocks and disasters in UPL target areas in Leyte.
• To be a valuable reference for UPL future programming, specifically on livelihood protection mechanisms such as market-oriented disaster preparedness, disaster risk reduction, early warning systems, and other multisectoral activities under UPL.
• To strengthen the market analysis capacity experience of PRC staff and volunteers to maintain and update the PCMA assessments regularly.
• To strengthen the speed and quality of the smallest and largest PRC emergency responses, particularly regarding cash programming, informed by evidence from market assessments.

Report authors: 
Belaro, Borlongan, Congreso, Foley, et al
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