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About EMMA

EMMA stands for Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis. It is an approach to assessing market systems in post-emergency contexts that aims to improve emergency responses by encouraging and assisting relief agencies to better understand, support and make use of local market-systems in disaster zones. The EMMA process assists agencies to address humanitarian needs more effectively, in a way that works through and supports local market system rather than hindering economic recovery by bringing in outside assistance. It is described in detail in a toolkit that has been used by over 3 dozen agencies in dozens of countries since its publication in 2010.

Though EMMA was developed within the food security and livelihoods sector, it can be and has been used in a variety of other sectors as well, notably WaSH and Shelter, to explore options for market-aligned humanitarian responses. EMMA helps front-line staff to both understand the important market aspects of an emergency situation that may not otherwise be considered adequately or early enough and to integrate this knowledge promptly and effectively into program decision-making processes. 

EMMA offers an approach to quick, rough-and-ready analysis with practical recommendations that is suitable for the early stages of emergencies, when both information and time are often limited. It does not rely on users having specialized economic or market analysis skills, and it is broad in scope, addressing survival needs, livelihoods protection and the transition to economic recovery. The EMMA Toolkit walks users through a practical, 10-step process for preparing for and carrying out field work for market analysis, offerring thorough explanations and detailed technical information on market concepts. It also provides guidance on developing and evaluating different response options.