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With the generous support of USAID and SDC, the IRC and CaLP have produced a set of e-learning courses on market analysis, both now available to the public in English, French and Arabic on Disaster Ready and the Cash Learning Hub. The course package includes an introductory level course on key concepts and rationale and a more comprehensive one on market assessments for practitioners (not specific to a single tool) that covers much of the same content as an in-person EMMA training. 

These courses are intended to provide an opportunity for people who have not yet had the chance to participate in an in-person training or exercise to learn about EMMA and market analysis. They are general enough to be relevant to a range of market assessment tools and approaches (including PCMA, RAM, MAG the 48-Hour Tool and others) and together offer the most comprehensive online learning on humanitarian market assessments that is currently available. 

Access the courses on either the Cash Learning Hub or the Disaster Ready platform, according to your preference.  [Create a free account on either platform, and search for the course titles to begin.]


More about the courses:

Introduction to Market Analysis/Introduction à l’analyse de marché/مقدمة في تحليل السوق is a 30-minute online course that provides an introduction to the analysis of markets in emergency contexts, with input from some of the world’s leading thinkers on the topic. It is designed for humanitarian decision makers, including donors, country directors, programme managers and others who make strategic and operational decisions about what kinds of programming to promote and implement. It is also recommended as a prerequisite for the longer course, A Practical Guide to Market Analysis.


  • Introduction of key concepts in market analysis
  • Why markets are important in the lives of people affected by disasters
  • An introduction to market-aligned programming and its benefits
  • A closer look at the market assessment process


A Practical Guide to Market Analysis/Guide pratique de l’analyse de marché/دليل عملي لتحليل السوق is a 3.5 hour online course designed to provide future humanitarian market assessment team members with a solid understanding of the theory and steps of market assessments so that they can join assessment teams prepared with a basic understanding of what they will be doing and why. Learners will be guided through the common steps within market assessments, using a fictional emergency scenario as a basis. This course is relevant to most types of emergency market assessment, including EMMA, RAM, MAG, the 48-Hour Tool, the WFP VAM and PCMA. Learners will develop a good conceptual understanding of the steps involved in market assessments and basic skills in how to apply this understanding in real-life settings. 

It is comprised of five units, which can be completed separately as your time allows:

  • Unit 1: Which market analysis tool do I use?
  • Unit 2: Preparing to do a market analysis
  • Unit 3: Mapping the market system
  • Unit 4: Analysing the market information
  • Unit 5: Response options analysis


Here are a few additional online learning resources related to market-based programming:



From the Logistics Cluster: The Supply Chain in Cash and Voucher Programmes. (3 minutes, also available in French); Multiplier Effects (4 minutes); Strengthening Markets in Crises (3 minutes)

IFRC's Introduction to Market Assessments. (3 minutes, focus on RAM/MAG

Short "greenroom" interviews following Microlinks webinar on PCMMA: Be Prepared! (3 minutes); 

For more videos on market-based programming and EMMA, check out the Markets in Crises YouTube Channel.



CaLP's Introduction to Cash Transfer Programming (free with registration)

IFRC's Introduction to Market Assessment Course (approximately 30 minutes in length, free with registration, available in English, Spanish, Arabic and French, focus on RAM/MAG but with more general information as well)



PCMMA Launch Webinar (February 2015, 1 hour, 40 minutes)

Be Prepared! Experiences in Pre-Crisis Market Mapping and Analysis - Microlinks webinar on lessons learned from early PCMMAs (June, 2015, 1 hour, 30 minutes)

If you know of other online learning resources that you'd like to see featured here, please contact livelihoodsadmin [at]