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Pre-Crisis Market Analysis (PCMA) is a practical, step-by-step resource to guide market analysis practitioners to conduct market assessments before emergencies happen in contexts that are prone to recurring crises, whether natural or man-made, or where a specific shock is anticipated. This early analysis helps practitioners and decision makers to anticipate how certain selected ‘critical’ markets will behave or function if and when a shock occurs.

PCMA is not a standalone tool in itself but rather guides practitioners to adapt existing market analysis methodologies, such as EMMA, for the pre-crisis context. Like EMMAs, PCMAs can be conducted in order to contribute to the design of an emergency response. However, their pre-crisis timing means that they have a broader range of potential applications than post-crisis market assessments. 

Access the PCMA guidance: English (web version); English (print version); Arabic (print version only); French (print version only); Spanish (print version only); Bangla (print version only).

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The first PCMMA [PCMA] guidance document was drafted based on limited field experience. The new version incorporates lessons learned and users’ feedbacks, feedbacks based on their on-the-ground knowledge and expertise gained during initial pilots of the approach. Therefore the new version is better proven by fieldwork and should be more practical than the first one.

Helene Juliard