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Practical Guidance

This page provides links to the key overall guidance documents on both EMMA and PCMA. 

The EMMA Toolkit is the main guidance document for assessment team members and facilitators, thoroughly explaining the technical steps and concepts behind market analysis in non-technical, accessible language. It can be downloaded for free or purchased in spiral-bound form - the published version is a worthwhile investment for anyone planning to facilitate an EMMA. 

The EMMA Leader's Guide, though a bit outdated, provides some useful information for those planning and/or leading an EMMA assessment. 

The PCMA guidance document (web version; PRINT version available here) explains how to adapt post-crisis market assessment tools to the pre-crisis context. This is the revised version, which was released in February 2016. The print version of the PCMA is also available in FrenchArabic and Bangla. PCMA is designed to be used in conjunction with a post-crisis market assessment tool or tools, including the EMMA Toolkit, the Rapid Assessment for Markets (RAM), Market Assessment Guidance (MAG), 48-hour tool or the WFP Trader Survey.