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Training Courses

Whether you’re completely new to market analysis, want to build on existing expertise or are preparing to lead an assessment, this page has resources for you. Explore training materials and find out about upcoming capacity building opportunities. To announce an upcoming training opportunity, please write to emmawebmaster [at]

This short course is for people who want a better understanding of EMMA and emergency market analysis in general but who don't necessarily have the time, or the mandate, to participate in an actual market assessment. It may be useful for decision makers, such as country directors, donor representatives, technical coordinators and cluster leads, among others. It also may be useful for people who might like to participate in an assessment team but don't know much about the subject matter.

Time Commitment: 30 minutes - 2.5 hours, depending on course format

This training is designed to prepare humanitarian practitioners from any sector or department to participate in an EMMA assessment. It can be and has often been conducted as a standalone training, which typically involves three-and-a-half days of classroom training and a day-and-a-half of practical field exercises.

Time Commitment: 3-5 days for in-person training, roughly 3.5 hours for e-learning course

Upcoming EMMA for Practitioners trainings:

Sorry, there are no upcoming trainings for this course at the moment.

To date, PCMA training workshops have only been conducted with teams who had gathered to carry out an actual PCMA assessment. Though there is no fixed curriculum for PCMA workshops, there is a great deal of overlap with the material covered during an EMMA training. Indeed, most training materials used to date have simply been adapted from existing EMMA materials. Because of their pre-crisis timing, PCMA workshops do cover a few topics that EMMA workshops don't, such as selecting a reference crisis, market monitoring and updating the analysis.

Time Commitment: 3-5 days for in-person training, roughly 3.5 hours for e-learning course