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M&E Guidance

For Market-Based Programming in the WASH sector

In order to gather evidence about the effectiveness and efficiency of market-based programmatic approaches compared with conventional humanitarian responses, there is a need for a systematic and standardised approach for monitoring and evaluation. To support the development of this standardized approach, Oxfam (with funding from USAID/OFDA) has commissioned the production of a monitoring and evaluation framework and associated IT tools, now available for download from this website.

You can watch a webinar where the framework is presented here.

The Guidance Document presents the logical framework that underpins the M&E framework and the proposed indicators. The Generic M&E framework  is expected to be adapted and improved over time based on experiences from its application. We hope that you will share your experiences and make suggestions for improvement on the Markets in Crises D-Group.

You can download the guidance and supporting annexes separately. The Annexes go into more detail about the individual indicators used in the framework and the surveys used to collect the data and how to design further surveys to adapt to MBP analysis. Click on the links below to download the documents:

M&E Guidance Document (without annexes)

Annex 1  Details of proposed indicators 
Annex 2  Overview of the survey questions 
Annex 3  Methods of measurement
Annex 4  Additional guidance for survey design

To support the application of the monitoring and evaluation and collection and analysis of data, two tools have been developed using Survey CTO and Power BI. You can download the Guidelines for IT implementation here. These guidelines explain how to use and adapt the current IT tools developed with an example of a possible implementation of the WASH MBP framework. The proposed IT tools are deemed useful for the implementation of the framework, but this is not a specific endorsement of these tools. Alternative tools exist as described in the report. Alternatively, the framework can be implemented by pen and paper, without the use of any IT tools. 

1. Click here to download the Guidelines for IT implementation. 
2. Click here to download  Survey CTO files 
3. Click here to download  Power BI files