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Geospatial mapping of WASH Infrastructure and Services

Harare, Zimbabwe
September, 2016

Supplementary data sets for the 2016 PCMA in Harare looking at the water, sanitation and hygiene NFI market systems with respect to recurrent waterborne disease outbreaks in Harare. Practitioners should consult this document and authors for data sets in relation to WASH infrastructure, GIS locations and price mapping for specific services and commodities to reduce analysis duplication.

Oxfam Zimbabwe collaborated with MSF-B to conduct a geospatial mapping of key WASH suppliers and infrastructure during a pre-crisis market analysis in Harare. This was a beta testing of the approach to understand if it would a) provide a better data set for both analysis and contingency planning preparations; and b) provide a geospatial benchmarking of WASH systems with respect to disease hotspots and improvements in the area. ICT tools were designed specifically to support the GIS mapping whilst simultaneously supporting market data collection.

NOTE - we are looking for an organisation with the capabilities to convert these data sets into better visualisations that could layer the data collected to show reach, capacity and capabilities of the WASH systems with respect to target population needs in the area. If any organisation has a technician capable of doing this, please get in touch.

Report authors: 
Parvin Ngala
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