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Terms of Reference

Sample Terms of Reference documents gathered from various EMMAs/PCMAs. Includes TORs for overall assessments, assessment leaders, critical market team leaders, market focal points (sometimes used in PCMAs) and team members. 

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Or download the individual files:

TOR for an EMMA exercise

From a commodity-focused EMMA in post-conflict South Sudan.

TOR for assessment team members - EMMA

For an EMMA assessment focused on labor market systems in Lebanon.

TOR for PCMA assessment leader

For a large-scale PCMA in Iraq focused on two commodity and one income/labor market system.

TOR for Market Focal Point (PCMA)

For a large-scale, capacity building and learning focused PCMA in Sindh, Pakistan.

TOR for PCMA assessment

For a PCMA in Mogadishu, Somalia. Very general TOR.

TOR for Critical Market Team Leaders - PCMA

TOR for Critical Market Team Leaders from a PCMA assessment in Pakistan.