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Pilot One Report for Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis

Trans Nzoia District
May, 2007

This report presents learning from the first pilot study that used the EMMA toolkit to assess an emergency market system. It analyzes how the toolkit was used, what did and did not work well, the training given to participants, the exercise's organization and recommendations for adapting the toolkit for future use. The focus for this pilot study was primarily on getting the right balance between the technical rigor of the tool and the time needed to complete the analysis.

Participants unanimously agreed that they had all learned something in the course of this pilot and that the experience would influence the way they conducted future assessments. They felt that EMMA is an appropriate tool if used not too long after a crisis and that it highlights issues relating to market analysis that are not always well understood by emergency aid workers. However, team members also reported that the timeline suggested by the EMMA toolkit is too tight to finish all required procedures. Team members also said that they did not have enough time to understand the toolkit before going into the field and suggested allowing more time for training, analysis and reflection during future assessments.

Report authors: 
Anita Yeomans
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