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Pre-Crisis Market Mapping and Analysis Guidance Launched

The Pre-Crisis Market Mapping and Analysis guidance document was launched on February 25th, 2015 via a well-attended webinar facilitated by Helene Juillard and with presentations from Oxfam and the International Rescue Committee. The event was recorded for those who were unable to participate, and the slideshow used during the presentations is also publicly available. Finally, the webinar’s organizers have prepared a document that addresses the basics of PCMMA as well as the many excellent questions that were raised during the webinar. If you have additional questions about any aspect of PCMMA, we encourage you to start a discussion through the MiC community

Thanks to a poll conducted at the end of the webinar, we learned that a number of organizations are planning to conduct PCMMAs in the coming year. These include 
•         ACF: Haiti (sometime between July and October) 
•         CRS: Bangladesh and possibly Haiti and Sudan 
•         IRC: Sahel, South Asia and Horn/East Africa (exact locations TBA) 
•         Oxfam America: Ethiopia (recently completed) and Senegal (partial PCMMA, recently completed) 
•         Oxfam GB: Zimbabwe and possibly in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Haiti (all urban, with WASH focus)
•         UNHCR: plans still underway 
Already, there seem to be several agencies planning assessments in the same countries, suggesting some space for collaboration and coordination. This is also a good reminder of the importance of sharing plans for assessments so that we don’t inadvertently duplicate efforts – we encourage you to use the MiC dgroup as a forum for doing so. 
We hope that this webinar is just the beginning of an ongoing conversation around pre-crisis market assessments. We encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences on the topic with the markets community through the dgroup. As a reminder, we invite anyone who has used the PCMMA guidance document in the field to provide feedback here, and anyone who has more general feedback on the process of pre-crisis market assessment or specific ideas for discussions you’d like to explore in more detail during a future webinar, please write to emily.sloane [at]


Pre-Crisis Market Mapping and Analysis Guidance Launched

Oxfam, Save the Children and Concern Launch SRAF Website

Oxfam GB, Save the Children UK, and Concern Worldwide would like to share the newly-launched Situation and Response Analysis Framework (SRAF) website, which houses SRAF and its component tools. The SRAF was developed as part of the ECHO-ERC project, “Reinforcing Institutional Capacity for timely food security emergency response to slow onset crisis at scale.”

The SRAF framework uses livelihood and market analysis, as well as relevant forecast information, to predict the impact of a crisis before it actually happens. SRAF uses contingency planning as a vehicle for improved response analysis and scenarios and modeling to develop a needs-based rationale for early preparation and response. This can help communities, governments, NGOs and donors to ensure that both funding and programs are in place when needed. Using the SRAF approach not only allows analysts to design and implement responses to slow-onset food security crises in a more timely and appropriate manner, but also to broaden response options and design programs that protect livelihoods and build food security and resilience among vulnerable populations.

The website provides guidance and tools for the SRAF and walks through the response analysis process. It also houses resources on the tools used for conducting baseline analysis, including the Household Economy Approach (HEA) and Pre-Crisis Market Mapping and Analysis (PCMMA), as well as case studies and information on news and events relevant to the project.

Please contact Carol Brady (cbrady [at] (Carol Brady)) or Chiara Trinicia (C.Trincia [at] (Chiara Trincia)) if you need any further information.

Oxfam, Save the Children and Concern Launch SRAF Website